The optimal solution is our intention

Innovative and target-oriented

we attend the process

... we analyze, plan and implement!

We support you in all aspects of business management issues, be it software implementations, company start-ups, mergers, SOX compliance, IFRS etc.


In the entire external and internal accounting, we provide special support for new implementations, release changes, migrations as well as in- and outsourcing. We also support data migrations, technical concepts, evaluations, training, evaluation questions and more.

Business Process Redesign

Business process optimization is a procedure for reviewing and improving business processes using methods and techniques specially developed for this purpose.

The success of a company in times of globalization and restructuring of the economy is inseparably connected with the efficiency of its business processes.

The design of business processes, based on analytical procedures for the documentation and evaluation of processes, represents a strategic option for maintaining and increasing competitiveness.

Start ups and consulting

We advise you in questions of the choice of legal form, business concepts with investment plan and profit forecast. You will also find assistance with financing, professional associations and promotional measures.

As a member of the Project Management Institute and with many years of experience in auditing, we also support you in questions concerning SOA, tax optimization, reporting Tax Efficient Supply Chain Management and other topics. Company foundation and consulting